I Don’t Do Movie Reviews Either, But…

My love of language led me down this path, so I happen to know more than the average amount about English literature, language, and history.


My Life in Maxwell: Whenever Wherever Whatever

It was a long, lonely Saturday. You know those days. When you are single and lonely and sad and the dorm room seems ten times larger than it actually is. The phone is silent. The clock doesn't move. Everything on television is pointless. The featured Saturday movie is stupid. What is this profound emptiness? Why... Continue Reading →

My Life in Maxwell: Ascension

Maxwell's BLACKsummers' night tour kicked off on May 23rd, here in Nashville, TN on his birthday. I had to be there to wish my favorite artist happy birthday. While my husband is simply a casual Maxwell listener, I am a F-A-N. I've been in love with Maxwell's music for most of my life. I love his... Continue Reading →

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