To Kill a Mockingbird or a Minority 

African-Americans are a minority group in America. We comprise only about 11% of the population in this country. But what if that were flipped? What if African-Americans were the majority and White Americans only comprised 11% of the population? That's the scenario Irv Gotti posed in the first episode of Tales on BET. Tales is... Continue Reading →


7 Cultural Allusions That Make The Get Down Worth a Second Season

cNo one really talks about the origins of Rap and Hip Hop culture. Because we are two generations into Rap as a musical art form, casual listeners often forget where and how the music originated. The Get Down on Netflix schools its audience on the link between beginning of rap and decline of disco. I have... Continue Reading →

Fast Forward Guide to the 2017 #BETAwards

I don't normally watch the entire #BETAwards show. Normally, I record it, then watch it later so I can fast forward through the stuff I don't care about. However, this year was different for two reasons. One, Leslie Jones hosted the BET Awards and since I love her, I had to show my girl support.... Continue Reading →


2Pacalypse 2017- Words Aren’t Enough

It's the eyes that get you. Round, and open. At times defying, at time listening, at times, laughing. Always questioning. Those eyes surrounded by those thick, curly lashes that give hint of innocence. Only a mischievous little boy would have eyes like that. There aren't enough words to express what Tupac Shakur meant to us.... Continue Reading →


2Pacalypse 2017-We Shed So Many Tears

Tupac Shakur was a true Gemini in that he had multiple sides. There was the "I Get Around"/"How Do You Want It" party anthem, fun-loving approachable Pac. Then there was the "I ain't no killer, but don't push me" Thug Life tatted, I spit at the paparazzi Pac. My Pac is the contemplative, poetic, vulnerable... Continue Reading →


2Pacalypse 2017- When Brenda Had A Baby

If you are young, Black, poor, and female, the worst thing you can do is get pregnant. Your miracle is treated as a tragedy. It happened to Sealy (The Color Purple), it happened to Pecola (The Bluest Eye), and it happened to Precious (PUSH or the movie Precious). "You got yourself pregnant?" is what people... Continue Reading →


Don’t Let ‘Gravity’ Keep You Down

There's a lot of noise about Millennials and what we have taken away from society. I hear the criticism and I've seen the articles. And like a Millennial, it's pretty much gone in one ear and out of the other. The truth is, our story is still being written and no one knows what that... Continue Reading →


Cloudy Day, Eternal Sunshine

It’ a gray sky, cloudy, dreary, sleepy kind of birth day. I am officially thirty-three years old and I feel really good about my life. That may come off as arrogant or conceited, but it shouldn’t. As a society, we have come to expect regret as a natural thing. You should feel bad about all... Continue Reading →


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