Let It Burn or Do It For Fun #Insecure #HellaGreat

I truly believe that Issa Rae and I were best friends or sisters in the last life. Her series, Insecure on HBO features so much music that I hardly know what to write about. I will begin by stating that there are soundtracks on Spotify for each episode. The soundtrack for the first episode “Hella... Continue Reading →


Final Thoughts on 4:44- For Colored People Who Have Contemplated Expatriating When Words Are Not Enuf

Sometimes, I get really tired of being Black. I love my skin, my culture, my language, my ancestors, my essence—that I love. But the emotional, and spiritual weight of the history of oppression coupled with the present oppression plus the denial of said oppressions, makes me, well...tired. Chris Rock summed it up best. “If you're... Continue Reading →

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