Whose Truth Is It Anyway?

The truth is relative and depends on your perspective. As humans, we like to think that truth and fact are objective and definite. In actuality, there are multiple truths, not one clear truth. This concept is weighty and vast and confusing, but BET explores it in the second episode of Tales. This episode was inspired by the Meek Mill song “Cold Hearted” from his 2015 album Dreams Worth More Than Money.

The song laments a lifelong friendship that turns sour once Meek starts earning a lot of money. His friend becomes jealous of his fortune and Meek is heartbroken. How can someone he has known his entire life be envious of his success? Meek explains that he and his friend both come from poverty so gaining money was always the ultimate goal. He is hurt by his friend’s betrayal, but it doesn’t end there. Other loved ones also turn their back on Meek, so he becomes cold in response. “My heart getting cold, then the streets getting colder. ” The real question is did Meek really change? Did his friend change? Maybe they both did? Whose truth is it anyway?


The second episode of Tales begins with the murder of Gutta, a fictional famous rapper. His best friend, Tank, witnesses the incident and is holding Gutta as he takes his last breath. Gutta is shot outside of a nightclub after he and his crew get into a fight. A police investigation is launched, and the plot is set in motion. The audience is presented with four versions of the truth. Each suspect tells the police a slight variation of the same story. The audience must decide which details from each version are the most feasible. Although the storytelling is nonlinear, it is still cohesive. The writing, production, and editing of this episode is Emmy worthy in my opinion.

Now, let’s get into this he said-she said!!

Tank Said 

Tank believes that Hazard is behind his best friend’s murder because of gang rivalry. Tank and Gutta never joined any gang, but they grew up with Hazard who is a Ten Tree Baller. Yet, Gutta signed a deal with Louis, who is affiliated with the Dustin Avenue gang. According to Tank, Hazard starts the fight at the nightclub. In his version of the truth, he was ordering a drink at the bar. Hazard offered to pay for it, then spit in it and told Tank to drink it. Tank refused and started fighting with Hazard. More of the Ten Tree Ballers jumped in and Gutta joined in the fray to defend his friend. They narrowly escape, but they are met with gunfire outside the club and Gutta is killed.

Then Hazard Said 

Hazard is a gang member, rival rapper, and suspect number one in Gutta’s murder. He just released a diss track that talks about killing Gutta. However, he and Gutta grew up together and he swears he would never kill him. He feels that Gutta betrayed the neighborhood by signing a record deal with Dustin Avenue Records, a rival faction to the neighborhood where they grew up. When Hazard recounts the fight, Gutta was the antagonizer and he simply acted in self-defense. When his fellow gang members tried to jump Gutta, he stopped them. How noble.

But Then Leslie Said  

Leslie is Gutta’s manager/baby momma/girl who first put him on/heaux. Leslie’s father owned the nightclub where Gutta and Tank performed in their early days. It was she who brought them to Louis, the owner of Dustin Avenue Records. It was she who negotiated Gutta’s first contract. She also had a sexual relationship with Hazard, before getting pregnant by Gutta. In her version of the truth, everybody wants to be with her including Louis and Tank. When she retells the fight, she and Tank were at the bar and Hazard said something inappropriate to her. Tank defended her honor by fighting with Hazard.

So who fights Hazard, Tank or Gutta?

Then Here Come King Louis 

Louis, the owner of Dustin Avenue Records, is firm in his belief that Tank is behind the murder. Although Gutta wants to break his contract, Louis is not upset with him, but wants to help him. In his version of the fight, Leslie was talking loud and acting extra ratchet, yet Gutta runs to defend her.

Louis prostrates himself as a kind, fatherly figure to Gutta. He relays several examples of Gutta’s missteps, but each time, Louis is forgiving, understanding, and wise. He never trusted Tank and tried to distance them for Gutta’s own good. Sounds too good to be true, right?

In the end, Tank is the one who set Gutta up for the kill. Like the “friend” in Meek Mill’s song, Tank believed that Gutta had taken everything and given nothing. Tank taught Gutta how to rap, he wrote his raps, and he introduced him to Leslie. Yet, Tank was never given any contractual credit for his work. In his mind, it was payback. But the tee-hee-hee came when the same assassin also killed Tank. Boom!

What do you think of #BETTales? Where you surprised by the end? Do you think this was an adequate interpretation of the Meek Mill song “Cold Hearted”? Comment below. As always, if you enjoyed this post please follow and share!


P.S. This ain’t got nothing to do with nothing, but is MC Lyte still looking like it’s 1989 or what? #blackdontcrack


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