What I am Jamming Right Now

Santa Claus Is Cancelled” explains why I have chosen not to teach my children to believe in Santa Claus. They know who he is, but they understand that Mommy and Daddy bought their presents. That being said, I love Christmas and the songs are my favorite part. Enjoy a playlist of my faves.

Damita Jo: Dancing Queen” is inspired by Janet Jackson’s State of the World Tour. I am going to the concert so I wrote about Miss Jackson and the impact her dancing has had on my life. Visit the blog or just enjoy the playlist. Win-win!!

She’s Gotta Have It–I Got Some Questions” is the first post about the remake of Spike Lee’s classic movie. The music in this playlist is featured in the series.

Thanksgiving Mixtape” was all about the music you are likely to hear at your granny/nana/auntie house when you go over for Thanksgiving. Check out my YouTube channel for the full playlist.

You Got To Hold Onto Me” is all about motherhood and the craziness it evokes. Therefore, the following playlist are songs that celebrate mothering. Take a listen and hug your Mom today, if you can.

“A Song for Mama” by Boyz 2 Men

From the soundtrack of the movie Soul Food, this song is a love song to Momma, Granny, Nana, Big Momma, and any elder woman who gave you love and direction. Listen to these lyrics and try not to cry…I dare you.


“Dear Mama” by 2Pac

If you’ve been following my blog, you know how I feel about 2Pac. Clearly, I have to include his tribute to Afeni Shakur. This song celebrates the mothers in the hood, struggling, but somehow making it work.


“Landlisde” performed by Dixie Chicks (written by Stevie Nicks)

Okay, okay. I know this seems random, but this song makes me think of an older woman lamenting the passing years and ageing. This was how I felt the entire weekend of my sons’ fourth birthday. Judge me if you want, but I was all in my feelings.


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