These Heauxs Ain’t Loyal and Other Life Lessons #TALESONBET

If Irv Gotti ain't up for an Emmy next year, I am going to have a serious attitude. I do not blow smoke or hop on bandwagons. If you know me in real life, then you know I am a harsh critique of television and film. My two degrees in English will not allow me to... Continue Reading →


Final Thoughts on 4:44- For Colored People Who Have Contemplated Expatriating When Words Are Not Enuf

Sometimes, I get really tired of being Black. I love my skin, my culture, my language, my ancestors, my essence—that I love. But the emotional, and spiritual weight of the history of oppression coupled with the present oppression plus the denial of said oppressions, makes me, well...tired. Chris Rock summed it up best. “If you're... Continue Reading →

7 Cultural Allusions That Make The Get Down Worth a Second Season

cNo one really talks about the origins of Rap and Hip Hop culture. Because we are two generations into Rap as a musical art form, casual listeners often forget where and how the music originated. The Get Down on Netflix schools its audience on the link between beginning of rap and decline of disco. I have... Continue Reading →

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