J. Cole’s “Neighbors” Just Hit Home for Me

THE FOLLOWING BLOG IS ABOUT AN INCIDENT THAT HAPPENED THIS PAST SUMMER. I WAS SO EMOTIONAL THAT I COULDN'T RELEASE IT UNTIL NOW. LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS. “Perception is reality,” she whispered as she narrowed her eyes and made eye contact with each student. Ms. Anglin was my favorite teacher in school because she... Continue Reading →


Magical Thinking and the Magical Black Girl #InsecureHBO #HellaQuestions

My ancestors were enslaved. Enslaved people were taught to believe that slavery was their place. They were supposed to be owned by White people, but their situation was not entirely hopeless because of one of the most dangerous words in the English language. IF. If they were good, obedient slaves, then they should go to... Continue Reading →

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